Translating/localizing a theme

Our themes are localization/translation theme, you can translate our themes into any language of your choice. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Download a translation software. Poedit is a great choice as it’s been around for several years. When the download completes, unzip and open the application.Translation:Poedit
  2. Select Create New Translation and select the en.po file, it can be found in the Language folder within the theme.
  3. Select a langauge of translation. The theme has already compiled a list of phrases, words that are ready to translate, begin translating the theme phrase by phrase.
  4. Save the translated .po file, Poedit will also save an additional .mo file in the same langauge folder.
  5. After you saved both files, upload it to the same language directory through a FTP client.
  6. From your FTP client, locate the wp-config.php file from the directory of your WordPress installation, open an text editor and find this line: define (‘WPLANG’); (if you are having trouble finding this line, please check out WordPress’s codex on making changes on your langauge).
  7. Edit the line to include your country code. For example, to add Italian you will have to edit to line to define (‘WPLANG’, ‘IT’);.

For a complete list of language codes, please visit the official GNU site.